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Open Postdoctoral Scholar Positions in the Ondrus Lab

The Ondrus lab is seeking postdoctoral scholars to investigate specific aspects of metabolic control within the Hedgehog signaling pathway.  We employ a unique, interdisciplinary combination of small molecule synthesis, protein biochemistry, and genetic screens to elucidate mechanisms of endogenous metabolite signaling.  Our ultimate goal is to define actionable metabolic regulators as therapeutic targets for Hedgehog pathway-driven congenital diseases and cancers. For more information, please see our website at

Applicants should send a one-page cover letter describing their specific interests and capabilities for the proposed work, as well as their future career plans.  Applications must also include a CV, a description of past work (one page maximum), and three contacts for letters of reference.  All materials can be sent directly to Prof. Ondrus at

Postdoctoral Scholar Position in Genetic Screening

We are seeking individuals to conduct pooled CRISPR/Cas9 screens targeting metabolic pathways involved in Hedgehog signaling.  This is a unique opportunity to use high-throughput screening to investigate metabolic regulation.  Applicants must have a PhD in cell, molecular, or systems biology, an established publication record, and strong leadership capabilities.

We welcome applicants in the following areas:

·       Individuals with extensive experience in mammalian cell culture involving CRISPR/Cas9, including basic cloning techniques, lentivirus production, guide validation and optimization, DNA isolation, and next generation sequencing.  Experience with flow cytometry is beneficial but not required.

·       Individuals with expertise in computational/systems biology to participate in guide design and data analysis, including next-generation sequencing strategies, statistical evaluation of results, and generation of genetic interaction maps.  Programming ability in Java, Python, and/or MATLAB/R is required.

Postdoctoral Scholar Position in Protein Engineering

We are seeking individuals with a background in structural biology to study posttranslational modifications of Hedgehog pathway proteins.  This position involves investigating novel aspects of protein biochemistry and developing tools to study Hh pathway morphogenesis.  Available research areas include protein structural characterization, high throughput mutagenesis screens, molecular dynamics simulations, and development of chemical genetic tools to study morphogen gradients in vivo.  Applicants must have a PhD in biochemistry or structural biology, an established publication record, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.  Extensive familiarity with techniques in molecular biology and in vitro protein expression is required, along with experience in x-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, or NMR analysis.