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Undergraduate Program In Chemical Engineering
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Common Questions

What happens if I do not take ChE 10 my freshman year?
ChE 10 is not required. It is a way to give you exposure to the discipline.
Does Ch 3b fulfill both the frosh lab and ChE lab requirements?
Can Ch 4a be substituted for Ch 3b?
Can Ec 11, BEM 101 and BEM 103 be taken pass/fail?
Does Ec11 fulfill both introductory social science and ChE requirements?
Can science/engineering electives in all tracks be taken pass/fail?
No. However, see Q4 regarding Ec 11, BEM 101 and BEM 103.
Can the track-specific electives, e.g., bioengineering electives in the biomolecular track, be taken pass/fail?
Can ChE 90 be performed with faculty outside of chemical engineering?
Can ChE 80 be used to fulfill a science/engineering elective?
How do I find an advisor?
Contact the Option Representative or Executive Officer.
Where do I go with questions concerning the curriculum?
There are advisors for each of the tracks:
Prof. Konstantino P. Giapis
Prof. Julia A. Kornfield
Prof. Richard C. Flagan
Prof. John H. Seinfeld
Prof. Rustem Ismagilov
Prof. David A. Tirrell
Process Systems
Prof. Mark E. Davis
Dr. Michael Vicic
If you are attending high school, or have graduated from high school but have never enrolled at a college or university as a degree-seeking student, apply as a freshman.