Chemical Safety

CCE Safety Day 2018

The Chemical Safety program is designed to minimize the health risk to employees, students, and the public from potential exposure to hazardous materials that are used in research laboratories. This web site is designed to inform researchers on proper chemical handling, safety precautions and waste disposal.

Divisonal Chemical Safety Manual
Chemical Safety Video
Material Safety Data Sheets



Emergency: Any Kind - Any Time: Call x5000


• The nature of the emergency
• Your name
• Your phone number
• Your location
Do not hang up until you are sure no further information is required, unless there is an immediate threat to your safety.

After notifying emergency personnel, notify building occupants. Wait for the arrival of emergency personnel in a safe location.


Environment, Health and Safety Office x

x4701 - Non-Emergency  

x5000 - 24 Hour Emergency Dispatch

Facilities Management
          24 Hour Service Center


Chemical Safety Program Contact People

Joe Drew, (626) 395-2745
Nathan Siladke, (626) 395-2430
Larry Martinez, (626) 395-2428
EHS Office, (626) 395-6727


Safety Orientation Check List


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