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Division of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

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Chemistry is the science of change, and the chemists and chemical engineers at Caltech are involved not just in understanding but in changing the material world around us. Whether it is through new methods for synthesizing pharmaceuticals, new technologies for energy conversion, or new approaches to environmental protection, chemistry and chemical engineering touch our lives in countless and critical ways.

The more than 40 faculty members in Caltech's Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCE) work at the forefront of their fields to advance knowledge in the areas of chemistry, chemical engineering, and biochemistry and molecular biophysics, while also training the next generation of scientific practitioners, thinkers, and leaders. CCE faculty work in close partnership with undergraduatesgraduates, and postdoctoral scholars; together they apply their most innovative ideas to our fundamental knowledge of chemical processes, thereby tackling some of chemistry's—and society's—most complex problems.

CCE researchers and students also benefit from access to advanced research centers and instruments, as well as to educational resources across campus.