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Researchers Advancing Understanding of Vital Enzyme

Emily Velasco
Douglas Rees receives Aminoff Prize for nitrogenase work; Garnet Chan uncovers partial electronic structure of nitrogenase
Portraits of Douglas Rees and Garnet Chan are side by side. Both men are outdoors and wearing white shirts.

Researchers Make It Possible for Ultrasound to Reveal Gene Expression in the Body

Emily Velasco
Mikhail Shapiro's lab develops technique for imaging mammalian gene expression with ultrasound for the first time by combining human bacteria and virus DNA
An artist's representation of a cell with gas-filled vesicles inside.

A Sustained History of Leadership

Lori Oliwenstein
The Resnick Sustainability Institute will continue to build on the pioneering work Caltech researchers have been doing over many decades.
airplane tail in wind tunnel

Stewart and Lynda Resnick Pledge $750 Million to Caltech to Support Environmental Sustainability Research

Kathy Svitil
Commitment will bring together experts across campus, and provide shared facilities with unparalleled instrumentation, to advance bold new solutions to energy and sustainability challenges
Lynda Resnick, Caltech President Thomas F. Rosenbaum, and Stewart Resnick

A Center for Innovation and Education in Sustainability Science and Engineering

Emily Velasco
Resnick Sustainability Institute director highlights Caltech's vision and opportunity to expand and scale research in the field with generous new investment.
Jonas C. Peters

New Metamaterial Morphs Into New Shapes, Taking on New Properties

Robert Perkins
Electrochemical reactions drive shape change in new nanoarchitected metamaterial
Programmed Lithiation

Intrinsically Quantum

Garnet Chan appreciates a good challenge. A Caltech theorist, Chan says he is drawn to scientific problems that have long resisted theoretical study.
Garnet Chan

Researchers Find New Way to Make Valuable Chemicals

Emily Velasco
William Goddard, Caltech's Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics; and Feng Jiao, an associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Delaware, develop a new chemical process
A portrait of William Goddard

Scott Cushing Receives DOE Early Career Award

Emily Velasco
Scott Cushing, assistant professor of chemistry, is one of 73 scientists selected to receive funding through the program this year.
A portrait of Scott Cushing

From Caltech Magazine: The Future of Green Energy

Caltech chemist Kimberly See is energizing battery research.
Kimberly See