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Frances Arnold Wins 2019 Bower Award for Achievement in Science

Elise Cutts
Frances H. Arnold has been named the winner of the 2019 Bower Award for Achievement in Science.

Vilcek Foundation Prize Awarded to Mikhail Shapiro

Elise Cutts
Mikhail Shapiro wins prize for immigrant biomedical scientists.
Mikhail Shapiro

Caltech Chemists Win 2019 American Chemical Society National Awards

Whitney Clavin
David Tirrell, Harry Gray, and Bryan Hunter are being honored with American Chemical Society National Awards.
photo of Harry Gray, Bryan Hunter, and David Tirrell

Synthetic Chemistry Takes Anti-Cancer Compounds out of the Sea Slug and into the Lab

Emily Velasco
A research team led by Brian Stoltz has invented a new method for creating the bis-THIQ class of compounds.
A black-and-white sea slug crawls over an ocean bottom.

Jacqueline Barton Wins National Academy of Sciences Prize

Whitney Clavin
The 2019 National Academy of Sciences Award in Chemical Sciences goes to Jacqueline Barton.
Jacqueline Barton

Mission IMPossible

Caltech biochemistry professor Bil Clemons is on a mission to take some of the guesswork out of how we study integral membrane proteins (IMPs).
photo of Bil Clemens with graduate student Shyam Saladi

Two Caltech Chemists Elected to the National Academy of Inventors

Emily Velasco
Jacqueline Barton, CCE division chair, and David Tirrell, Caltech provost, have been named as fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)
Side-by-side portraits of Jacqueline Barton and David Tirrel

Frances Arnold Receives the Nobel Prize in Stockholm Monday

Frances Arnold receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Monday Live in Stockholm
Frances Arnold

Focusing on the Negative is Good When It Comes to Batteries

Whitney Clavin
Fluoride-based batteries have the potential to last up to eight times longer than those in use today.
An illustration of the electrolyte solution used in the new study

Wilton Wells Webster, Jr. (BS ’49), 1928–2018

Wilton Wells (“Will”) Webster, Jr. (BS ’49), a pioneering inventor of cardiac catheters, passed away on November 10. He was 90.
Wilton Wells Webster, Jr.