Option Requirements

Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering

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1. Ma 2, Ph 2 a, Ch/ChE 9, ChE 15, Ch 21 abc, Ch 41 abc, ChE 62,  ChE 63 ab, Ch/ChE 91 (or En 84), ACM 95 ab, ChE 101, ChE 103 abc, ChE 105, ChE 126, and one of Ec 111, BEM 102, or BEM 1031.

2. Completion of a track (biomolecular, environmental, process systems, or materials), each consisting of eight science or engineering courses (72 units, including 63 units of engineering courses). Students should inform the executive officer of their track choice by the beginning of the spring quarter of the sophomore year by providing a planned schedule for completion of all degree requirements. Requirements for the tracks are as follows. 

a. Biomolecular track: ChE/BE 163, Bi/Ch 110, [ChE 130 or ChE 90 ab3], and 45 units of additional bioengineering or biochemical engineering electives. ChE 118 and/or ChE 120 may be elected provided the design project undertaken contains a significant biological component. 

b. Environmental track: two of the core ESE courses [ESE 101, 102, and 103], [ChE 128 or ChE 90 ab], 45 units of additional ESE or related courses. ChE 118 and/or ChE 120 may be elected provided the design project undertaken contains a significant environmental component. 

c. Process systems track: ChE 118, ChE 120,[ChE 128 or ChE 90ab3], 45 units of engineering electives or courses from the other tracks. 

d. Materials track: ChE 128 or ChE 90 ab3; one course on materials synthesis or processing selected from Ch/ChE 1472, ChE 1152, or MS 133; at least one course on the physical basis of structure and properties selected from Ch 120, ChE/Ch 1482, MS 115, MS/APh 122, MS 131, or MS 132 and 45 units of additional chemical engineering or materials science elective courses selected from ChE 118, ChE 120, ChE/Ch 1552, ChE/Ch 164, ChE/Ch 165, or any MS course. 

3.Passing grades must be earned in all courses required by the Institute and the option. None of the courses satisfying option requirements may be taken pass/fail. 

4.Passing grades must be earned in a total of 486 units, including courses listed above. 

1The 9 units of Ec 11 or BEM 103 partially satisfy the Institute requirements in humanities and social sciences.

2 Given in alternate years.

3 Both terms of ChE 90ab count as track electives


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