Minor in Chemistry

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The chemistry minor is intended to supplement one of Caltech's undergraduate degrees. It is designed for students who wish to broaden their studies beyond their major to include chemistry. Students completing the chemistry minor requirements will have the phrase "minor in chemistry" added to their transcripts.

1. 18 units of organic chemistry, taken from Ch 41 abc.

2. 18 units of physical chemistry, taken from Ch 21 abc (or substitute as specified for the major).

3. 27 units of advanced chemistry electives numbered Ch 102 or

above, approved by their designated chemistry adviser or the option representative.

4. 9 or more units of a chemistry laboratory course from Ch4ab, Ch 5 ab, Ch 6 ab, Ch7 or Ch15. No substitutions are allowed.

All courses to be applied to fulfill the minor requirements must be taken for grades. Courses taken as part of the chemistry minor are counted toward the total 486 units needed for Institute graduation requirements. To enroll in the program, the student should meet and discuss his/her plans with the option representative. In general, approval is contingent on good academic performance by the student and demonstrated ability for handling the heavier course load. Courses that are used to satisfy the Chemistry minor requirements cannot be used to satisfy course requirements in another major.