Undergraduate Senior Thesis

Undergraduate Program in Chemistry

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Students Students attempting a senior thesis in the chemistry option must complete the following requirements.

1. Three terms (27 units) of Ch 82 are to be completed during the junior and/or senior year of study; continued work from research experiences prior to the commencement of the senior thesis is encouraged.

2. At the time of registering for the first term of Ch 82, the candidate will submit a short (five-page) proposal delineating his/her project for approval by the research mentor and the Chemistry Curriculum and Undergraduate Studies Committee (CUSC).

3. The candidate will present a short progress report (maximum of five pages) at the end of each of the first two terms of Ch 82, describing the current status of the research work and any resultsobtained. Upon evidence of satisfactory effort, the student will be allowed to continue his/her senior thesis.

4. A thesis of approximately 20 pages (excluding figures and references) will be presented to the mentor and the CUSC at the end of the third term of Ch 82. An oral thesis defense will be arranged by the CUSC. The thesis must be approved by both the research mentor and the CUSC.

5. Upon approval by the research mentor and the CUSC, the Ch 91 requirement for graduation may be satisfied by the written thesis and the progress reports from the first two quarters of Ch 82. If the thesis is being completed during the spring quarter of the senior year, a draft of the thesis is to be submitted by Add Day.