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Congratulations to the 2017 CCE Graduates!

Caltech's 123rd commencement ceremony was held on Friday June 16, 2017. The commencement speaker was Mae Jemison, an engineer, physician, and NASA astronaut. Looking up, she said, allows us to remember that there is more that connects us than divides us. "Connection to the greater universe is something I hope for you throughout your lives. Never forget to look up and keep the bigger picture in mind. Look up at the sky, the moon, the stars when you need to recharge. Let the gravity of Earth give you a warm hug when you're feeling low. Look up to remember what inspires you. Keep the sparkle in your eyes, keep it long past graduation." [Caltech story]

The Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering congratulates our new PhD, Master of Science, and Bachelor of Science recipients in the class of 2017:

Bachelor of Science

Saaket Agrawal - Chemistry
Luc Zhang Angel - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems)
Katie An-yu Antilla - Chemical Engineering (Biomolecular)
Michael Ulysses Bauer - Chemical Engineering (Materials) and Computer Science (Minor)
Mary Maral Boyajian - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems) Aerospa Engineering (Minor)
Slava Stalina Butkovich - Chemical Engineering (Biomolecular)
Melissa A. Cronin - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems)
Ryan Michael Dempsey - Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering (Minor)
Bogdan-Alexandru Dimitriu - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems)
Benzi I. Estipona - Chemistry
John David Feist - Chemistry and Geological and Planetary Sciences (Minor)
Kevin Wu Gao - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems)
Jianing Jenny He - Chemistry
Won Jun Kim - Biology and Chemistry
Netgie Laguerre - Chemistry
Reed Liem Lebby - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems)
Alison Lui - Chemical Engineering (Environmental)
Shaoxiong Luo - Chemistry
Suchita Patil Nety - Chemistry and English (Minor)
Anand-Markose Thomas Poozhikunnel - Chemistry
Gerri Marie Roberts - Chemistry
Constance Deborah Robinson - Chemistry and Computer Science
Joseph Patrick Roddy - Chemistry
Jeffrey Neal Rosenberg - Chemistry
Yuka Sakazaki - Chemistry
Jingwei Shi - Chemical Engineering (Biomolecular)
Dayeon Judy Shon - Chemistry
Mojolaoluwa Joshua Sonola - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems) and Computer Science (Minor)
Alp Mehmet Sunol - Chemical Engineering (Process Systems)
Elizabeth Terlinden - Chemistry
Joon Young Yoon - Chemistry
Ellen Yu - Chemistry

Master of Science

John Birmingham (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of Delaware 2014.
Jonathan Chance Crompton (Chemistry) B.S., Harvey Mudd College 2013.
Shane William Flynn (Chemistry) B.S., University of Massachusetts Boston 2015.
Benjamin Kanevsky (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2014.
Jong Hun Kang (Chemical Engineering) B.S., Seoul National University 2009.
Benjamin Joseph Laccetti (Chemical Engineering) B.A., Emory University 2013; B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology 2013.
Steven Lee (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of Pennsylvania 2014.

Doctor of Philosophy

Shoshana Bachman (Chemistry) B.A., Wellesley College 2012. 
Thesis: Development of Cu- and Ni-Catalyzed C–C and C–N Bond Forming Reactions.
Kelvin Hamilton Bates (Chemistry) B.S., Davidson College 2012. 
Thesis: Isoprene Oxidation Mechanisms and Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation Under HO2-Dominated Conditions.
Carl Michael Blumenfeld (Chemistry) B.A., M.S., Northwestern University 2011. 
Thesis: Covalent Functionalization of Metal-Oxide Surfaces with Non-Traditional Ligands.
Adam Nathaniel Boynton (Chemistry) B.S., Trinity College 2012. 
Thesis: Targeting DNA Mismatches with Luminescent Ruthenium Complexes.
Stephen Kramer Brand (Chemical Engineering) B.S., Northwestern University 2012; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2015. 
Thesis: I. Tin Silsesquioxanes as Analogs for the Open and Closed Sites in Tin-Containing Zeotype Beta and II.  nantiomerically Enriched, Polycrystalline Molecular Sieves.
Lauren Marie Chapman (Chemistry) B.S., M.S., Northeastern University 2009. 
Thesis: Development of a Synthetic Strategy Toward Trans-Cyclobutane-Containing Natural Products: Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Psiguadial B.
Sheldon Ting Fong Cheung (Chemistry) B.S., Carnegie Mellon University 2010. 
Thesis: Discovery and Development of Small-Molecule Modulators for the Sulfation of Glycosaminoglycans and Studying the Role of O-GlcNAc on CREB through  emisynthesis.
Crystal Kitying Chu (Chemistry) B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2012. 
Thesis: Advances in Selectivity and Reactivity in Transition Metal Catalysis: Carbon– Silicon Bond Formation, Wacker Oxidation, and Olefin Metathesis.
Tania Victoria Darnton (Chemistry) B.S., University of California, Santa Barbara 2011. 
Thesis: Structures and Reactions of Diplatinum Complexes.
Sijia Dong (Chemistry and Computational Science and Engineering) B.S., The University of Hong Kong 2010. 
Thesis: First-Principles-Based Simulations for G Protein-Coupled Receptor Activation and for Large-Scale Nonadiabatic Electron Dynamics.
Douglas Charles Duquette (Chemistry) A.B., A.M., Harvard College 2009. 
Thesis: Highly Enantioselective Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic Alkylation Reactions of Carbocyclic Enaminones and Acyclic Substrates.
Katharine Yan Fang (Chemical Engineering) B.A.Sc., University of Toronto 2010; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2013. 
Thesis: Modulating Biophysical Properties of Insulin with Non-Canonical Mutagenesis at Position B28.
Ian Alan Finneran (Chemistry and Physics) B.A., New College of Florida 2011. 
Thesis: Terahertz and Microwave Spectroscopy of Liquids and Hydrogen-Bonded Clusters.
Cristofer Addison Flowers (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of Southern California 2011; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2014. 
Thesis: Full Spectrum Ultrahigh Efficiency Photovoltaics: System Design, Integration, and Characterization.
Nathaniel Robert Glasser (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison 2009. 
Thesis: Physiological and Biochemical Mechanisms of Phenazine-Mediated Survival in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Matthew Everett Griffin (Chemistry) B.A., B.F.A., B.S., Tulane University 2010.
Thesis: Discovering Biological Roles of Glycosaminoglycans and Protein O-GlcNAcylation Using Chemical Tools.
Adam Reid Griffith (Chemistry) B.A., B.S., Rice University 2003.
Thesis: DarwinDock & GAG-Dock: Methods and Applications for Small Molecule Docking.
Shaobin Guo (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.S., Xiamen University 2011.
Thesis: Prototyping Diverse Synthetic Biological Circuits in a Cell-Free Transcription- Translation System.
Jacob K. Hedelius (Chemistry) A.S., Snow College 2007; B.S., Brigham Young University 2012.
Thesis: What Can We Infer About the Atmospheric Composition Within the South Coast Air Basin from Remote Sensing?
Ryan Kenneth Henning (Chemistry) B.S., University of California, Davis 2007.
Thesis: Targeting Undruggable Oncoprotein Epitopes with Protein Catalyzed Capture Agents.
Nadia Herrera (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.S., The University of Texas at El Paso 2011.
Thesis: Structure and Function of the Mycobacterial Mechanosensitive Channel of Large Conductance, MscL.
Yun-Hua Hong (Chemistry) B.S., National Taiwan University 2004; M.S., 2006.
Thesis: Theory of Dynamical Processes in Semiconductor Quantum Dots.
Bryan Michael Hunter (Chemistry) B.S., M.S., Yale University 2008; M.A., Loyola Marymount University 2010.
Thesis: Fuels and Materials from Sunlight and Water.
Michael Joseph Ignatowich (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science) B.S., M.S., University of Connecticut 2012; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2014.
Thesis: An Investigation of Nonstoichiometric Oxides for Solar-Driven Thermochemical Fuel Production.
Yuewei Lucy Ji (Chemical Engineering) S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2015.
Thesis: Organic Structure-Directing Agent-Free Synthesis of Small Pore Zeolite Catalysts for the Methanol-to-Olefins Reaction.
Aron Kamajaya (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) A.A., Pasadena City College 2006; B.S. University of California, Berkeley 2010.
Thesis: Structural Study of Piezo Channel, a Unique Family of Eukaryotic Mechanosensitive Channel.
Kelly E. Kim (Chemistry) B.S., Yale University 2011.
Thesis: The Synthesis and Late-Stage Diversification of the Cyanthiwigin Natural Product Core and Synthetic Insights Derived Therein.
Qi Wen Li (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.S., Syracuse University 2011.
Thesis: Biophysical Characterization of an ABC L-methionine Transporter.
Seth Aharon Lieblich (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.S., M.S., Brandeis University 2010.
Thesis: Non-Canonical Amino Acid Mutagenesis of Position B28 in Insulin with Proline Analogs.
Daniel Hanyang Lin (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.S., Washington University in St. Louis 2011.
Thesis: The Architecture of the Nuclear Pore Complex.
Rachel Liontas (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science) B.S., Rice University 2012; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2014.
Thesis: Controlling Deformability in Metallic Glass Nanopillars and Nanolattices.
Laura Anna Mertens (Chemistry) B.A., Grinnell College 2010.
Thesis: Experiments on Gas Phase Chemistry with High Sensitivity Laser Spectroscopy.
Jee Young Mock (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.A., Boston University 2011.
Thesis: The Bag6 Complex: Biological Complexity through Modularity.
Christine N. Morrison (Chemistry) B.S., University of Michigan 2010.
Thesis: Insights into the Mechanism of Biological Nitrogen Fixation through Characterization of the Nitrogenase Molybdenum-Iron Protein.
Nicholas R. O'Connor (Chemistry) B.A., Macalester College 2011.
Thesis: Methodological Developments and Synthetic Applications of Strained Rings and Allylic C–H Functionalization of Hindered Substrates.
Marat Orazov (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2012.
Thesis: Development and Characterization of Catalytic Systems for Biomass-Derived Chemical Feedstocks.
Noah Thomas Plymale (Chemistry) B.S., Kent State University 2011.
Thesis: Spectroscopic, Electronic, and Mechanistic Studies of Silicon Surfaces Chemically Modified with Short Alkyl Chains.
Beau Patrick Pritchett (Chemistry) B.S., Tulane University 2012.
Thesis: Studies in Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic Alkylation: Enantioselective Total Syntheses of Structurally Diverse Alkaloids.
Peter B. Rapp (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2011.
Thesis: Diffusion and Molecular Association in Artificial Protein Hydrogels.
Matthew Rienzo (Chemistry) A.B., M.A., Harvard College 2011.
Thesis: Non-Canonical Amino Acids as Biochemical Probes of Ligand-Gated Ion Channel Structure and Function.
Lauren Estelle Rosebrugh (Chemistry) B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2009.
Thesis: Stereoselective Olefin Metathesis Processes Using Cyclometalated Ruthenium Alkylidene Complexes.
Christopher William Roske (Chemistry) B.S., University of Idaho 2010.
Thesis: Towards a Hydrobromic Acid Splitting Device Using Earth-Abundant Materials.
David Anthony Selck (Chemistry) B.S., Brigham Young University 2011.
Thesis: Microfluidics for Molecular Measurements and Quantitative Distributable Diagnostics.
Sho C Takatori (Chemical Engineering) B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2012.
Thesis: Forces, Stresses, and the (Thermo?) Dynamics of Active Matter: The Swim Pressure.
Anton Alexandrovich Toutov (Chemistry) B.S., Queen's University 2011.
Thesis: Alkaline Salts of Sodium and Potassium: From C–X Reduction to C–H Functionalization and Beyond.
Tri Vu (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.A., M.S., Brandeis University 2009.
Thesis: Studies of the N-end Rule Pathway in Bacteria and Mammals.
Mu Wang (Chemical Engineering) B.E., McGill University 2007; M.S., 2008; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2013.
Thesis: Constant Stress and Pressure Rheology of Dense Colloidal Suspensions.
Joshua David Wiensch (Chemistry) B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison 2010.
Thesis: Differential Reactivity at Edge and Terrace Sites of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides.
Betty Ko Wong (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) B.S., University of California, Berkeley 2010; M.S., California Institute of Technology 2016.
Thesis: Biophysical Studies ofLigand-gated Ion Channels.
Bilin Zhuang (Chemistry) B.A., Wellesley College 2009.
Thesis: Dipolar Liquids and Their Mixtures: Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Properties with Field-Theoretic Approaches